New Lash Sets

Classic New Set$120
Natural look with lash lift effect
Hybrid New Set$130
One level density fuller than classic, perfect if you don't want too little or too much
Volume New Set$140
Results are visible and dramatic
Mega Volume New Set$150
Very dramatic and glam look

Lash Refills

Classic Refill 1 Week$50
Classic Refill 2 Week$60
Classic Refill 3 Week$70
Hybrid Refill 1 Week$55
Hybrid Refill 2 Week$65
Hybrid Refill 3 Week$75
Volume Refill 1 Week$60
Volume Refill 2 Week$70
Volume Refill 3 Week$80
Mega Volume Refill 1 Week$65
Mega Volume Refill 2 Week$75
Mega Volume Refill 3 Week$85

Extra Services

Lash Removal$45
Extra 15 Minutes$15